Arma 3

Alright so I'm downloading Arma 3 alpha right now and I just wanted to know if anyone on the forums has already played and what they think about the game and stuff.. Is the alpha really glitchy etc..

I get bad performance right now, I have a 660 Ti and a FX-6200, the game itself isnt VERY glitchy, it's definitely not super stable in multiplayer though. The editor is a lot of fun, the scenarios are okay at best. Im mostly waiting for performance increases and Wasteland stability increases, the bigger map, more vehicles and more weapons.

Ahh I see well really I got the alpha just so i wouldnt have to pay full price in the full game but yea I have [email protected] and HD 7850 [email protected]

From everyones experience with the game so far, does ArmA 3 run faster than ArmA 2 using similar settings?

Right now it doesnt, but their goal is that in the end it will.

Cheetoh do you think that I could run it with a 7770 and a 965BE @720 no AA? 60fps?

When the full game is released, I think it'll run fine without all the fancy settings on a 7770.

I have a 4 year old system and I average 35 FPS on 1200p with medium settings/most filters low or off. Seems to run at about the same level that ArmA 2 did for me.