Arma 3 problems

My pc is having som real problems in running the game i dont know why my specs are more than should be needed for the game but still im not getting more than like 15-20 fps in multiplayer with every thing on low


GTX 780

cpu: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T @2.81ghz

64bit windows 7

12gb of ram

and the launch options that im running are -cpuCount=6 -maxMem=12288-GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1 -GPU_MaxFramesAhead=1 -GPU_DetectedFramesAhead=0


any and all suggestions will be tested.

CPU is too slow. 

ARMA is horribly optimized and doesn't take advantage of more than one fucking core. 

As a result it runs like shit on older and AMD CPUs especially of they have a lower clock speed. Considering yours is all three I'd say that's the problem. 

Open up task manager and look at your CPU usage and GPUZ to look at your GPU usage. If CPU usage is at 100% and GPU usage is down then your CPU is bottlenecking. 

The real problem is that you are using a Phenom II they are not very good for Arma as its basically a single threaded game cuz its dumb like that.  It benefits form single core performance and good memory.  The multiplayer servers are also a problem find a good server that is not high ping and not a ton of players and scripts and you will get higher fps.  Something like a 4670k and memory running in dual channel will help a lot too.  Dont expect too much form it even with an my computer(specs on profile) I dont get very high fps in Arma If you are getting 30+ fps you are in good shape lol.