ARMA 3 on Linux?

Apparently ARMA 3 is now available on Linux through Steam. I was browsing my games list on Linux and found it listed under "STEAMOS + LINUX". So I attempted to download it and its on around 50% so far. I am not sure whether it is a false alarm as I've had those before with games on Linux but once it installs and try and run it. I have also quickly checked the internet and can't find any announcement of a Linux version actually being released on Steam, just some rumours about a possible port.

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Works very well but is v1.42. There is like a couple 1.42 servers with battleeye off you can play on. We are all holding our breaths for a V1.50 or 1.52 update and mod/addon support (they'll probably work with latest version anyway).

It will work but I don't know about at that resolution. It didn't support 1440p and 1080p fullscreen is messed up as well, I had to run it in a window at 1080p.

When I had my Mango I was running it at 4k with my 980 and 390x. Get around 40-55fps with most settings on high. The Nvidia cards may have trouble enabling ULTRA or even above LOW or Standard texture resolutions.

Was that 40-55 in Single or Multiplayer?

well given that no1 was really playing on the insurgency server setup for mac and linux users. Both.

Messing around with Object draw distance gives best performance changes. I had my view distance set at 3500-4000 and objects at 2000-2300 or so.

I was getting decent FPS on a GTX 970 on mostly high settings at 2560x1080 but I was only running it for a few minutes on single player.