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ARGH! There's no good Ultra Wide Screen panel that isn't curved!

I’m looking on NewEgg for Ultra Wide panels with Aspect Ratios Greater than 16:9 & 16:10

Aspect ratios like 21:9 or 24:9

And I can’t bloody find a single “Ultra Wide Screen” panel that is truly flat.

WTF manufacturers, why are you making such expensive panels curved?

All that R&D / Costs you put into curved monitors, just give me Ultra Color Accurate 10-bit Panels + High Variable Refresh Rates and a variety of input ports.

Drop the expensive curved manufacturing.

It’s not necessary and only drives up cost.

Give me at least 20-100 Hz VRR in FreeSync or better.

Give me a true 10-bit super Color Accurate display that is 99% DCI-P3, > 100% sRGB.

And everybody should be moving to ACES AP0 color space, all the other color spaces frankly suck compared to ACES AP0 which covers the entire CIE 1931 Color Gamut.

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Never bought in to curved monitors. I’m still using my 27" 1440p PLS X-Star I bought in 2015 and overclocked to 112Hz. I like something that sits flat against my wall and doesn’t take up my keyboard/mouse space cause I have long gorilla arms.

Samsung S34J550W UWQHD 75Hz 34in Monitor - 21:9 flat panel

Probably doesn’t tick all your boxes but yeah, your options are limited.

What? RGB you say? What? Cases glass paneling and power supply covers you say? What? Having to go through 3 dongles to play music on my phone’s because new headphone connection nobody asked for you say?

I’m in opinion most manufacturers don’t even care about the consumer. They are trying to be trendy. Nobody cares curved monitors are a niche product and people still want their standard flat ones, nobody cares RGB is useless and requires bloatware software to function, nobody cares how the power supply cover is messing up the cases airflow, nobody cares how inconvenient it is for the user to just drop the old standing decades old perfectly functional standards…

It’s “progress”…

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I concur with you, they make change for “change” sake.

It’s complete and utter horse shit, and we all know it.

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Dont you just hate it when you cant mod things with a hammer?


Well, except an anvil most things you can actually “mod” with a hammer.

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