Arena Commander!

So the long wait is over, who has been playing the Dog Fighting Module?, I relay enjoy it (if I look past the bugs) What are peoples high score's in vanduul swarm? I think mine was around 8 or 9 (dose not tell you when you die) those dam Blood Hounds are vicious.  

I've made it to wave 13. My thoughts on what I've experienced so far; the flight model is awful, the AI is retarded, their is no sense of speed whatsoever, missiles are overpowered to hell and back, the controls are just a mess, decoupled flight is just done wrong, the UI takes away from being able to see anything in the game turning it into a game of chase the red marker on your screen around. Other than that though I'm having fun with it.

It's no tie fighter but it will do for's still pre alpha so they can still change a lot the gameplay..

There is one big thing that concerns me though..a lot of people are having trouble getting the game to launch because the launcher gives an error connecting to the server..i have been having this error for awhile, witch prevents me from downloading the game..but even if i was able to download the game, if the launcher cant connect to the server, you cant launch the game (damn DRM!).
That said, i WAS able to download the game and launch it with a VPN...this can probably mean they are region locking this module witch concerns me....