Are you telling me that if you are in multi monitor setup, your monitors never go on standby?

if you are in a multi monitor setup, your monitors never go in standby?

I tried like 10 distros including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, Pop, Mint and they all behaved the same way (AMD 6700XT btw) with 2 monitors (1 DP 1 HDMI)
: standby time hits, monitors lost signal (as they should) and right after signal is back with either the full desktop or a black screen with a mouse cursor. None of the distros went in standby and stayed there… so weird.

This is on the back of my previous thread here: /t/tried-pop-os-for-10-days-more-here-are-some-things-i-need-help-with-please/

I should add the exact same setup behaves ‘normally’ under windows

Could you change the title to this? Makes for easier serviceability.

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Done thank you :slight_smile:

But if you unplug one of your monitors standby then works properly?

Can you post the output for this command?

xset dpms q