Are you an Offender of "S.G.A" (Steam Games Abuse)?

I am an Offender of Steam Game Abuse.

So what is Steam Games Abuse?

When you Buy a Game and then it just sits in your steam library, forever alone... without use, without play, and without installation....

Sad Times :(

Here's a Few of My Games that are victims of Game abuse

  • Batman: Arkham Origins [ I've have played Arkham City and Akrham Asylum and beaten both games but I've gotten sort of lazy with this title :(    ]
  • VVVVVV [ I think this game was on sale for a dollar so i said fuck it why not lmao bought it and never touched it ever]
  • Super Hexagon [Same thing with VVVVVV i think it was on sale for a dollar, bought it and never played it
  • Dota 2 [ I actually hate this game, never understood anything about it i had a friend that for some reason who had like 10 to 15 of these codes to download this game and and he's like dude you want this? my response being sure whatever.
  • The Witcher: [This is probably the most depressing of all cause I've been playing this game lately and i finally got into it and i do like this game right now but to be honest i bought it i didn't play it till about a year or so. in this case last year being purchased and playing it this past week non-stop.

So are YOU an Offender of Steam games abuse? have you actually played all the games that you have in your steam library? or are you like me who has more than a handful of games sitting there crying in my library (Screaming PLAY ME Fucker!) i thought this would be a fun thread that maybe we can talk and recommend games to each other in the process of talking about these lol


Oh dear god I am horrible about this. I think ~40% of my library hasn't even been touched. Including a lot of good games like Chivalry and most of the Half Life series.

I am guilty. I never think about all those untouched games when I am sat here bored out of my mind like "ohhh I don't know what games I want to play" *8th play-through of Max Payne 3 ensues*

Someone gifted me Castle Crashers once. I played it for 5 minutes and realized it wasn't meant for keyboards. Deleted it and never looked back.

Same for Ace of Spades. The original was great and tons of people played it. Then the Steam version came out and it was really good looking, but only like 5 people played it.

yeah, tons of games from Humble Indie bundles. Because I will buy a bundle for maybe 3 out of 7 of the games and not touch the rest.

I felt Ashamed cause i did this to "The Witcher 1" meanwhile I'm playing re-runs of modded Skyrim over and over again like a mental patient. lol

I have 160 games. I've played about ten of them. Not even regularly.

Somewhat guilty, but I am remedying this. I have yet to play Assassin's Creed: Revelations, Thief Gold, and Balder's Gate. All the rest I have at least started or are currently playing through (I'm currently playing through the Serious Sam collection now)


I beat all of them then left then uninstalled them lol

sort of guilty, most of the games I buy I have played, its those dam steam sales games so cheep you cant resist.

I am an abuser of steam games too admittedly. Steam makes it so easy though, they throw fancy sales at me for games that I have some interest in and I just impulsively buy them on sale. That said I do eventually make my way through every game in my library eventually...

This all applies to the adage. When you're young you have all the time to play games but no money then adulthood hits and you have all the money to buy the games but no time to play them.

Dude I'm horrible I have 260 games I've never played. Mostly games from collections

Most notable is the star wars collection and the 2k collection.

Games I meant to get to but never did:

Sleeping Dogs
Warhammer 40k Marine
Trine 3
All of the Hitman games

Basically if I took the over 1600 hours I've spent in LOTRO, skyrim, oblivion, and fallout 4 I probably would played those games.

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