Are two 2GB 760's enough for 1440p?

I already have one 760 with the ACX cooler, and I will say it is a beast overclocker (1293MHz on the core D:). I wanted to get a second monitor, either a nice 120Hz or a 1440p monitor. But first I was wondering if 1440p would even be worth it if I got another 760?

as in, MAAAXXXX CRYESIS TREE 60FPS FANBOY or are you just talking about highish settings? cause it would play crysis 3 maxed 60fps at that resoultion. You would need an overclocked 780 ti. (im serious) but for less demanding games, like minecraft, or possibly skyrim and such, you might be able to max it out. the proformance is about a 780. Just be sure that you have enough vram.

The only game I really care about my framerates being 60+ in are fast-paced games and online-FPSs. Like CS:GO, but that game can run on a Gameboy lol. For some reason when I play single-player games like Skyrim or slow paced games like DayZ the lower framerates don't bother me that much. Especially since they don't hinder my gameplay in that kind of game. So I think I'll grab another 760 soon. I need to get an 8320 first.

That's a good combo; I have that GPU (only one) and CPU myself. 

You'll be able to handle most games pretty well at 60 FPS with above 780 GTX levels, almost at 780 Ti. Don't bother with 4K as NVidia cards don't have the frame buffer right now to handle 4K (just adding that in there). 

You can use dual 760s at 1440p and game. I don't think it is ideal, as you would have to turn down some settings for some games. I really would advise grabbing a decent single GPU.

Dual GPUs are hardly ever "ideal", anyway. As you probably know, there are a number of games that do not scale well with dual GPUs.

On a side note, 2GB is enough for 1440p. And 2GB is usually pretty balanced with whatever card it is paired with. I tend to ignore the 4GB variants of the 760 or 770. Waste of money, because there is no performance difference at high resolution. 3Gb is optimal.