Are these stuck or dead pixels?

Photo : Sorry for the poor quality had to use my phone


There is 12 in total which I think are stuck and then another ( not pictured ) that is definitely dead. Is there anyway to get rid of them ? The monitor is a samsung s23a750d and I have had it for a around 5-7 months.

Oh I forgot to add, they were caused by a power surge. try this app. it will quickly rotate or try to rotate the pixel to free it up. if its still there after hen yes its likley dead.

Ran it for about 10 minutes and no changes, is it worth running it over night ? Anything else I could try ?

no mate if it doesnt free up straight away within a few seconds its not gonna free up.

Not necessarily. Try tapping them with a pen or the back of your finger nail. I had a stuck pixel on my old monitor that would light up red from time to time, and I would use a program like that to try to get it to figure itself out. It usually worked, but after a while it just wasn't working. I read somewhere that if you tap the pixel that it'll fix itself, so every time I saw the pixel get stuck again, I just tapped it once and it fixed itself every time.

Also...are you sure your screen just doesn't need cleaning? Because it looks like it might just be dirty, lol.

mate that app forces the pixels around the possible dead pixel to rotate which should allow the stuck pixel to free up if it can.

pressing on the screen will do nothing other than increasing the risk of causing inking. by forcing the pixels surrounding it to be moved into the space that the dead pixel was supposed to be. which in itself will increase the problem and possibly cause the pixels to cascade and ink the monitor.


tapping on the back of the screen always worked for me on stuck pixels which were solid red, green or blue. that one is opaque so i dunno. truthfully it looks more like blunt trauma of something hitting the screen. never seen a power outage have any relevance to a screen's pixels being dead or stuck.

I know exactly what the program does. I've used programs like it before on my old monitor and they just stopped working over time. I tap the stuck pixel lightly with the back of my nail, and it unsticks every time. I've had the monitor since 2008, and I've had the one stuck pixel since I bought it. I've never had a problem with tapping the screen in order to get it unstuck. If you ink the monitor, then you're pressing way too hard.

me either... 

Im positive that nothing has hit the screen especially since they are dotted around the screen and not just in one spot. I noticed them a couple minutes after the surge so it seems like the only plausible conclusion.