Are There Any Sega Game Gear Alternatives Out There?

Title pretty much says it all. I have been looking around trying to find a Sega Game Gear that’s not refurbished & for a good price. The task has been mildly challenging to say the least. Anyway, I’m wondering if there are any Sega Game Gear alternatives out there that can play game gear games? I am in the process of doing some additional looking around just in case. But I would appreciate it if anyone has anything to do add or if they can help me out! If you need any other details or have questions, be sure to ask & I’ll fill you in!

Thanks to anyone who can help! :slight_smile:

Considering how old the Game Gear is at this point, I doubt you’re going to find something “Like New” or in the best of shape, because unlike the Genesis, the Game Gear was a portable system which means it took abuse. You can maybe look at the Retron 5, its like a 10 in 1 game console from Hyperkin, just be warned the reviews are kinda iffy, AND I think you will have to purchase an adapter to play the games, because the console was not designed for Game Gear. But that’s the only 3rd party console I know of, besides building your own with a Raspberry Pi. If you go the Pi route you will need to figure out of to get the copy the games off the cartridges, not sure how that’s done, or find them online (which is legally questionable).

Hm. Well, I’m not sure if I’ll go the Raspberry Pi route, but I will keep in what you said. Willing to consider other options here people! :man_shrugging:

BTW, if providing the games I have in mind for the Game Gear helps, just say so I’ll be sure to list them. Not sure if it will help you help me, but I figure it couldn’t hurt to try! :slight_smile:

Going into a grey area here but I homebrewed my New 3ds XL and I am able to download any of the Sega game gear games I used to play at my cousins house (along with the other systems ive owned or played through the years), it ain’t legal but its emulation has been spot on for me and its just convenient to have my games in one device.

Perfectly understandable & a rather clever solution if I say so! :wink: However, I actually have acquired the physical copies of the games themselves. (Specifically the Game Gear cartridges.) So I’m wondering if I have any other options as far as other platforms which can play Game Gear games goes.

I think i remember seeing the Analogue Pocket possibly supporting game gear games but you have to buy an adapter to play them, im personally buying one myself.
Edit yep its got a lot of supported systems!

Ohh yeah and it has a built in music player and it is offered with a dock to play these systems on your tv. Its gonna be amazing to see if what they claim is done right.

Wow. I’m already hooked & interested. Do you have any links to where I can learn more or even buy 1 if it comes to that? (Not sure if it would be cheaper than buying a Sega Game Gear, but it sounds like a great alternative IMO!) :smiley:

There is this but the titles are quite limited:

Alternatively you can buy those portable Rasp Pi (and its variants) with optimized designs for portable gaming

Already seen that the other night via TechLinked on Youtube. Yes, amazing news, but I’m not interested in a Game Gear Mini. I was referring to @Venom415’s comment.

I think you have to get it from their site but they dont have a date for when it will be released, i subscribed to an email notification when they got any more news on it.
Edit: heres the site

and on the sega GG mini that jennings mentioned, its $50 each and theres 4 models so youre spending $200 already for those, might as well just get the analogue pocket and get a wider range of game systems to play WITH actual cartridges.

From seeing their previous consoles in videos Analogue do really amazing work.