Are the level1 KVM switches coming back?

@wendell any chance the KVM switches will make a return?

So far as I can tell the competitive 4k offerings from startech do not support us devices other than a KB and mouse :frowning: I don’t need usb 3 but it would be nice to use my webcam and usb audio interface through the KVM. The startech box is also above $400!

For the record I would also be interested in a 2 port model rather than 4 port only.

Does this answer your question? It has been 30 days since then so another batch should be ready soon.

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4 port is standard, doubt he will ever make smaller ones


@wendell … caugh caugh, rude nudge, nervous laugh…

Desperately want one of the dual monitor versions. Any update on this?

The store says restock around June 15th.

Hey @wendell any chance we could get latency / input lag numbers on this? I want to plug my audio interface into it, but I have some midi instruments connected to it and need to hear them back with sub 10 ms latency. Plus the gamers would probably want to know this as well.