Are the Apple EarPods worth the money?

These little suckers are $30, are they worth it or should I try to find something else.

Recommendations welcomed!

The EarPods from what I've heard are pretty good headphones at $30.  There are probably better solutions, but often they wont have in line controls or lack the customer support that Apple provide.  Also at $30 the differences will be very marginal.  I would go for them if I had $30 to spend on earbuds.

Yes, they are. And this is coming from true Sennheiser fan. In that price range they are fine.

I have been using the pair from my wife's iPhone, and I was pretty surprised by the quality of them. As a Spectre said, for $30 they are pretty hard to beat for all the features. 

i have a few sets, for $30 a pop they are budget friendly for the features 

how good are they exactly? Also do they work with preatty much anything?

Honestly, they are only good because your other options suck.

Almost all IEMs really do suffer from not being headphones. I say that jokingly, but in all reality there is only so much an IEM can really do.

So they will not blow your mind, but they are ok.

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