Are ducky keyboards ACTUALLY worth $150?

I was just looking for blue backlit mechanical keyboards with cherry red switches and came across the Ducky Shine. Now what I'm really wondering is it actually much better than the Rosewill or Cooler Master mechanical boards for only $80ish. I know it's a smaller brand, so them mass producing things cost a bit more. But even then I think it should only cost $100-110. So what I'm wondering is is what actually makes this keyboard worth it? Even Razer has a mechanical keyboard with blue backlit keys for like..70$. I dislike Razer as a brand and don't like even giving them a penny, but I mean it just seems like the better deal. I'd definitely rather support a smaller brand but I don't really know if I'm in the financial situation to just throw around money on nothing. If it actually is fully worth the $148 I'm perfectly fine with it. 




It's a meh there IS the Corsair K90 which has red switches and blue backlight for round $130.Ducky is that much because of the variety or keyboards they make. Corsair only makes two. Razer like 3. And coolermaster like 5-7. Companies like FIlco and Ducky make something like 15 different keyboards. That's why they have so many options.

Depends, ducky keyboards have been known to be built like tanks and they have lots of customization options.

If it was me, yeah I'd buy it.

Im currently using a Steelseries 6gv2 and while its not backlit, im quite happy with it atm.

Also, I would never ever touch a razer product ever again. Bad experiences.

I'd feel so hypocritical using a Razer product because those kinds of brands are the exact things I tell my friends to stay away from, ducky it is!

Cooler master trigger w browns if you want a backlight board

Yes it is worth it 100%

I will be buying the Ducky Shine II very soon.

Yes they are. The difference in price is quality, if you recognize the brand from something other than KBs then the quality just doesn't compare to the big boys (Filco, Leopold, Das, Ducky). The others will either have their switches PCB mounted instead of plate which means the keys will flex or they use cheapo plastic on the keycaps and yes you can feel the difference in keycap quality.

Couldn't have said it better myself.