Are CPUs Region Locked?

Ok, it's a pretty straight forward question; If I were to buy a CPU in the US and had it shipped to the UK, is there anything stopping it working in a computer built from parts purchased in the UK?


EDIT: I'd like to expand that question and ask if any hardware other than optical drives have regional limitations, e.g. motherboards, memory etc..?

No hardware is region locked.

Just remember that cats are region locked.

To my knowledge no single piece of hardware is locked. However software bundle with a full product (EG. XBONE) may have a region lock.

I'd say the only thing you'd have to worry about would be the warranty of the CPU, mainly because you'd have to send the CPU back overseas for a return/replacement/repair etc.

Don"t forget to send a different power cable or have or an adapter ..Their electrical plugs are different..

It is impossible to region lock CPU (sort of). Only part of PC components that is truly region locked is PSU, but that is not on purpose. Some are made for 120v network, and some for 240v network (110v/220v...)

As far as i know, both US and UK use same 120v (110v) network? So no problem there? Maybe they use different standard for plugs (I doubt), but even if that is the case,a s long as power is same, it's not a problem.

PSU's are not always region locked. Infact most are built to support all the common voltages in different countries as its just cheaper to do so. For example my new Sony Vaio PSU which I had to purchase in america as its litrily not available anywhere else supports 100v-240v. My silverstone PSU also supports 100v-240v.

Yes, that is true, but majority of PSU's (especially cheap ones) do support only one system, 120v or 240v. And it is pretty much only component that is dependent on region ;).

The most common case is the GPU region locked in some places.. one of my friends can't get a 79xx model cause of her country. max is the 78xx from AMD