Are Case Manufactures keeping up with the Times?

I was recently in the market for a new case and I noticed something distinctly interesting in my search for "my" perfect case ... Case Manufactures seem to be including useless / outdated / bizarre features in their cases.

For example, there are cases that have an allowance for (sometimes) up to 5 or 7 5.25" drive bays and yet no room for dedicated SSD placement (instead of taking up a 3.5" drive tray). Some also include water cooling grommets yet no room for internally housed radiators. 

Apart from fan controllers,  Card Readers, and BluRay/CD drives are there any other devices that use the excessive amount of 5.25" drive bays? How many people still use BluRay/CD drives in there computers (other than media centres)? 

I understand cases can be moded (there is a big community of modders) and that some people use external radiators when liquid cooling, however I feel like these manufacturers need to start with a clean piece of paper and show the world something for the 21st century.

Well forum, You have heard my opinions, Let me hear YOURS!!!



Oh hell yes.

I'm in the process of building my first rig, and after a decade of console use I was rather surprised to see somewhat...well...useless features even on cases that came out last year. If I want to pay good money for a case, shouldn't it be for features that most gamers will actually use? 

the most a case should have is 3 5.25 drive bay and that's being extremely flexible and accesseble

there needs to be more 140mm and 180mm cases 180mm for air penatrators

This actually bugs me a lot. I'd get a Caselabs Merlin or something if it was just a little smaller, and less expensive. I wish more companies would see that we don't need all those 5.25 bays.

I think this is the best case out there right now and there are different colors and side panels to choose from

When I built my new PC last week I wanted the the Fractal Define R4 Titanium Grey case but I went with the Corsair Carbide Series 300R because for me it was about what I needed not what I wanted and I saved $30 so yeah :)