Archlinux kvm,bridges and tap devices problems

Hello guys, i'm trying to setup an kvm based virtual machine that will serve as an server for different stuff, the problem I have here it is, i want it to be exposed to the network directly and to do that I have to create an bridge, bridge the physical device and create an tap device for the VM. My Arch setup used dhcpcd which runs as an service and that work well when i don't need to create VM's.

The way i set this up is like this:
I create the bridge with ip link add br0 then add the physical interface to it with ip link set eth0 master br0, these work without an problem, then i add an tap device with ip tuntap add tap0 mode tap user myuser. Here i try to bring up the tap0 interface and when i do that apparently it works, no error but if i do ip addr the interface is still down. If i continue to add it to the bridge no errors are shown, even though i read it should be up to be able to add it to the bridge and it won't go into the UP state no mather what. One other thing i notice is that the host looses all network connectivity(is this supposed to happen?). If i do ip addr then i see that the physical card still has an ip address bridge has none and the tap interface as well doesn't have anything, the VM starts but I haven't installed the drivers to check, should i even bother since tap0 doesn't go UP? I have also tried to do an tap device and set dhcpcd to run on that interface but it fails with an error, even though the service for the physical device is stopped. I am unsure about this way if i'm supposed to use it like this. Please help.

Also as an source used the Arch wiki and this:, other resources didn't seem usefull since they have the same info from what i see. I have done this kind of config on CentOS and there it didn't seem to have problems the tap devices would go UP.

When I use my qemu kvm virtual image for gaming I use this configuration in order to create a host-only device and communicate from the host to the vm.

It is the only bridged configuration that I managed to get it to work on my system and unfortunately you are probably going to need more parameters in order to expose to the entire network, but this might point you in the right direction.

If you manage to make it work, please share it.

Unfortunately i wasn't able to get it working, now from what i see in the article it doesn't say wheter i should have the ip's as the main network i want it to expose it to. Apparently after i do all the steps the vm gets the ip but it can't be seen on the network (if i set the same subnet) but it can't access anything, the host has internet access but no connection can be made to it(i have samba setup on it and it becomes inaccessible when i try to add the bridge).