Architect Linux: The Bugs, Community, Website, The Take Down & The Drama,

Apparently Architect Linux has been shut down for the time being. Many back and forth between community members, Linux YouTuber's and Developers of Architect Linux ( An Installer for Arch ) has ended up in the site being attacked and subsequently taken down.

The reason for this post is to discuss the nature of Distros vs Projects, Community Developtment vs Community Interaction.

This is basically the second time ( not in the same magnitude as Mint ) that a Linux "Project" has been trolled or taken down because of community influence / rife. Smaller distros / projects will never succeed under these conditions, although their contributions to Linux as a whole are sometimes note worthy... Was this all taken too personal ? You be the judge.

Arch is the distro that works exactly like the code clubs in the 80's. Make something, people build on it. We had a similar thing in my middle school in 07' but there was this one twat from special ed who didn't even want to be there but his mom made him go so he made everyone miserable because he could and knew how.

This is basically the same thing.

Which is why Community leaders & Devs shouldn't overreact to bugs and situations with Community members. I read over the post by the Architect Dev and watched the video by the Community member and Member comments. It all comes down to taking it personal, quick trigger, shoot first ask questions later reaction from leaders. Architect is a small community, it's biggest mistake has to be overreaction and they did, even if the members were also at fault.

I notice the majority of toxicity within the linux community generally stems from amateur developers/users who like to think of themselves as "linux aficionados" and think their opinion means something to the rest of us.

Mint is a good example of decent amateur contribution to linux. Chakra/Manjaro is not.

I remember helping Singer compile a kernel when he'd only just started using linux, and then he founded Manjaro. Obviously professional linux developers don't take such projects seriously hence the amount of shitposting a few years ago about Arch vs Manjaro.

Take a brilliant mind like Mcrae and compare it with Singer, (Arch vs Manjaro) is like comparing Photoshop with MSPaint.

Architect linux is even worse, in that it would take any professional linux developer thirty minutes to code. Why anyone would take something so simple so seriously is beyond me.

Remeber what happened to Spatry? lol

In regards to Matt (I know him) he's an average linux user who likes to customize his OS'. He's not a developer by any stretch of the imagination.

Considering the members in the discussion are YouTubers with influence, since they have 20k subs or are active on the web within Linux forums and the like. It's really disheartening to see this kind of childish reaction from them. One of the main reasons I want a strong community { cough: Tek Syndicate : cough } become more active with Linux on Social Media & Content. It would definitely change the perception of Linux to new comers and the like and be educational and beneficial at the same time.

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If that isn't an oxymoron and you're being serious, then there's another problem right there.

I'm not sure that it would. This forum is no different. It is full of linux arm-chair-experts exhibiting the same childish, clueless behaviour you've already pointed out. This is obviously why all of the linux Gurus stay away.

Linux needs to be demystified for new users. so that they understand it's nothing more than a tool to get stuff done.

What's the difference between a linux professional and a linux amateur?
A linux professional uses linux at work and windows at home, wheras a linux amateur uses windows at work and linux at home. :P

Point them out to me/flag it when that happens, we won't have it here.

I wonder what that makes me xD

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So I guess a guy that I am cool with on Youtube caused Carl to get mad. If I am reading the first couple of post on reddit correctly. This was about a bug report that was not well reported or described.

This is why I do not get all personal with technical problems, if some one believes they are right on something I cave and then go to another forum and ask the same question, or make the same comment that I made over there on a different forum.

I did check out Architects forums and all of the posts are gone. I would hate to be the guy with a whole bunch of guides, and now have those gone.

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If they were good guides it not the creator that losing out but the world.

I have no personal experience with them.

I can't believe I'm actually reading this. After that Mint debacle last month, I've been very cautious about Linux distros. This does not inspire confidence in the smaller distros. I'm growing very wary of these hobby projects. I'm sure they mean well and their hearts are in the right place, but taking down your disro due to internet drama from Youtube is amateurish. At this point the only distros that I can recommend are Ubuntu and Fedora. I trust Debian, Arch, and OpenSuse but I cannot recommend them for the simple reason that I haven't used them.

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Isnt' Architect just an install script for Arch? Are scripts for getting packages considered a distro?

Anyway, Julia is right, taking your distro down is highschool-level drama. And all because of a bug report (from what this thread says). Silly, silly.

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I'm confused... what is "architect" linux? I assume this is not "Arch" linux....

An installer for Arch...

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