Arch Users: Post Your DEWMs

Which one is the most beautiful, practical, minimalistic and all those goodies. I can't decide on the EWM, here are some quick examples I enjoy. But perhaps someone can show something that blows it out of the water? I'm completely new to this.

Kudos @JacksGTinHD

KDE user here.

KDE is definitely the most customizable one. Therefore it can be the the most beautiful one (check out for prove). For me, KDE is the most functional DEWM.
If you want to have a practical and minimalistic WM, check out the different tiling WMs (awesome, i3, etc.). Although there will be quite a learning curve.

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I use Gnome 3 with a custom dark theme and icon pack.

I just came to love gnome as I find it's usability unparalleled. :)

Ha ha. Playful community. Thanks for sharing.

Looks really nice, what text editor is that?

Hey, it's not mine, if none here can answer you should ask the poster:

Aren't the Dynamic ones the most customizable ones, best of both worlds? Are you using KDE5?

Not yet, also I'm definitely considering it :-)

Looks kinda like , but I doubt that's the one.

Been jumping between AwesomeWM and KDE5 for the past month... Torn between them right now

KDE 5 works great out of the box on my laptop in arch....

But AwesomeWM runs under 400mb of ram compared to KDE5's 750mb+ of ram....

Torn :|

This is making me want to drop Linux Mint and install Ubuntu with Gnome.

This is my current Awesome WM theme.

The theme is from copycat-killer on github. My terminal is roxterm, text editor is scribes, and browser is firefox. I've really fallen in love with the minimalist aspects of Awesome. After I installed it I discovered that those pesky toolbars just get in the way. I am forever tweaking my setup, so it probably won't stay this way for too long.

I really like to see how others customize their DE's or WM's, so great thread.


You are aware of the fact that can simply install (almost) any DE / WM in Linux without having to reformat your system?