Arch Linux, failed to flag boot

I was installing Arch , near the while installing syslinux, I received an error message saying "failed to flag boot" I don't
remember the entire error message. I did edit the syslinux to recognize the correct partition for root, then exited and reboot. I wasn't expecting it to boot, I was expecting something to be there that I would be able to edit and fix the situation later. It seems like nothing is there at all only a partitioned drive.

My question is, because of the error I had did I lose my entire setup? Or Is it I am just not experienced enough to get back in?

do you need to set boot partition to "bootable"?? sorry i dont use syslinux

When I have edited the syslinux.cfg file before to correctly label root, everything has worked out fine.

What do you use?


You might need to mark the actual partition as bootable. That can only be done in a pertition editor.

Ok. Can you be more specific? I am on my 6th try on this computer and I dont know why it wont work this this time.

You should try booting into the installation cd and then use a program like gdisk or parted to label the partition as bootable

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