Arch Linux, But for specific things

Hey People!

So it seems that arch is a super flexible OS, allowing almost every package to be used, so after spending some time on ubuntu minimal i moved to arch on my lappy, bit buggy but hey i like to tinker :)


Now its time for my desktop to follow, when Manjaro was recommended i didnt know the full power of the AUR compared to apt-get and personally Pacman -S -Application- makes more sence to me so i ask a question


What version of arch has a GUI installer, also is gaming ready so steam as i mainly play TF2 that i can record and render off also maybe a bit of voice recording.

Adding to this i do prefer minimal systems, so id like a small DE maybe Gnome fallback? i have had problems with LXDE and cba with configuring openbox atm.


Id prefer GUI and i aint afraid of tinkering so i can remove apps but id prefer for them not to be there in first place.

So any commands, arch distros or anything that fits me? i have built a arch distro before also so i do have a bit of experience with the terminal of arch :)


Thanks in advance!!!!

Manjaro, with Cinnamon, is the best bet, I'd say, if you don't go for a pure Arch + KDE setup.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of Cinnamon, it's very resource heavy for GNU/Linux, occupying over 220 MB of RAM, which is like 25% more than KDE with Plasma or Gnome Shell 3, and is almost the same as Unity, plus it's not as mature as XFCE/LXDE/KDE/Gnome, it has some annoying bugs. But I do like the way it looks as an alternative to KDE or XFCE.

As to XFCE, check out what Manjaro 0.8.7 has in store for it, that seriously rocks in terms of functionality for the system resources it requires imo. I might run Manjaro as main distro on more machines myself, as it's getting really good.

I may switch back to KDE, then. Cinnamon is nice aesthetically, but if it uses that much RAM, no point in using it over the horrid Gnome 3.

Haha, yeah, I'm not into that KDE v Gnome thing, I use whatever is best for the job at hand, I use Gnome on Fedora 18/19 for work mainly, just because it's really efficient for productivity. For dev work, KDE definitely has its plusses, I like to use it with OpenSuSE, I really like their implementation of KDE. On Manjaro, I have a gaming only PC with OpenBox, because of the speed of such a light DE, but normally I use it with XFCE, which is not that lightweight, but still fast and very practical.

I can understand that users don't like Gnome Shell though, it's like OSX evolved into the 21st Century, and very polished, which has a bit of a dumbed-down feel to it, that many users might not like, but they've come a long way since the start of Gnome 3 and they've definitely come a very long way since the original Gnome dev group with de Icaza. I like to use it for work, it's very efficient for repetitive tasks and communication, and it's easy on the eyes as it's pretty Bryllcreem-free. It sucks without Gnome Extensions and tweak-tool though, KDE is more complete out of the box, but it's a traditional "familiar" user experience in comparison to Gnome 3, and sometimes I like something new that's well made. It also depends on the apps with GUI, whether they use gtk or Qt.