APUs and some GPUs


I'm poor.

I want to get some more umpf for my computer, but buying a new cpu, mobo, and gpu seems like it would be too pricey. I am currently running everything off an A6 APU, and since I already have an FM2 motherboard, I had a question.

What if I were to buy an A10-5800K, and then buy a 650ti 2gb vram card to use as my GPU instead of the integrated one? I want to game. Would that work, or are some of the APU's cores dedicated to the CPU and some dedicated to the GPU, so in game I wouldn't get any enhanced performance?

Please respond guys, I really value your opinions.

You can game on an A10 and then simply upgrade to a medium-tier GPU. However, you will also need a large enough PSU to accommodate the card.

OK first off that does not explain a lot.You want Umph!Well first things first.Your Ram,Then Graphics card,Then how much power you need.Thats the first thing.

You have no explain what is your power supply or how much ram you have an what kind of ram speeds they are.But if you are using a A6 you either have the 4 core or 3 core processor.An you are considering a A10.OK.But for what purpose? Are you doing editing? Radio show?Gaming?That is very vague for an answer.

I will give you a build for at the least Making YouTube Streaming videos.First off there is nothing wrong with your processor unless you would like a new one.Second you do not have to do everything in Dual Graphics so you know.That is just an option.So here is a Upgrade build for you.

Power supply 500watt. You can find for $30. im sure.

HIS for low prices 7870 or 7850 could cost near $175 to $179.But there is a purpose for that.They are very good.You get a decent warranty.sometime 2 years others 3.

I recommend always get the 2133 ram.You may or maynot overclock it.But if your getting a motherboard i will explain why.

If you get a FM2 As you said.It surely has a Overclock button somewhere on it.An if the board reaches 2133 to 2400 you can greatly improve the performance of your processor.This is for all types of processor Intel or AMD.

That is what i recommend doing.I get the best motherboards from MSI.If your going Intel looks i would go with the blue color motherboard an if i went Red for AMD id go with BioStar for red.They do not have a wide selection but if im going to look cool with a good case id go with these.

You do not have to be rich to get something to match.You looks.

Alright, awesome, thanks a bunch.

Here are my current specs:

A6-5400K: Duo-Core

6 gig ram, 1600 mhz

MSI green mobo, forget the model no.

As I think I specified earlier, I want to game.

So you think I should go with the 7870 and an a10?

Cool, thanks a bunch.

Power supply is 500 watt

To be honest, I wouldn't spend the money on the upgrades. I would just use the cash to get a new GPU

And sorry, I'm a bit confused. I'm thinking of getting a HD 7870 and and A10-5800K Apu. Would that be a good combo?

The 7870 negates the need for a better APU.
[br]Edit: to make it absolutely clear. The selling point of the A10 is that you can play games without a graphics card. However, the A10 is not as powerful as something like the 7870. You would be wasting your money buying both. The A6 + 7870 should be a capable setup. Don't spend money where it is not necessary. 

Even with a duo core? 

Should I go up to an A8 at least?

At the end of the day, it will play games. You're not going to be able to "max" many games, but they will run. I see people gaming on Intel i3s all the time. You can get away with 2 cores for gaming. It isn't optimal, that is true. I've known BF3 to run on two cores. So getting the 7870 is probably the best upgrade you can make right now. The GPU is far more important than the CPU in a gaming rig. I know there are some new APUs coming out in the coming weeks/months. Codenamed "Richland". I don't know how much better they will be, it appears they will run on the same FM2 socket. Might be worth considering one of those.
[br]Edit: Just something in addition because I will probably go sleep before you reply. Your APU will be a bottleneck in some games and hold back the performance of the 7870. So you will want to upgrade in time. Like I said, you've got those new Richland APUs coming out. I don't know if they have good enough performance without a discrete GPU. I honestly didn't know they ran on the FM2 socket or I would have mentioned it sooner. Do some research into Richland.