APU with 750 ti?

I have a off the shelf acer laying around, it has a A6 3620 i believe, but it doesnt put out enough performance. So I been seeing stuff about this 750 ti going around, and it being not to bad of a card. So my question is, would anything be bottle necked if i threw one in there?

thanks a bunch!

Here ya go


You should be god to go with the ti depending on the power supply, ei, quality and wattage.

Why not wait for the R7 265 which will be launched in a week or two? All the benchmarks are showing it to allow for higher frame rates than the 750 Ti at the same price ($150)?

Oh ya, completely forgot about the 265.. thank you.. ill have to keep an eye out.


Its going to be over priced very quickly with how inflated AMD video cards are right now.

That's why we need to grab them before the miners get to comfortable.

Very fast, hd 7850's, which are the exact same card as the 265, that have the 2gb v-ram are going for $180+ on Ebay so they may raise the price day 1.