Apu vs gpu

Aiming to build a budget 'Kill your console' pc (despite the fact i haven't owned a console since the gamecube)

Wanted to spend about £400-£450 (including os) I felt like I could cut the costs down a bit by not including an optical drive (it's not 2007) and not needing a big hdd.


My aim is to run intensive games (mostly bf4) at playable frame rates and at 720p (my monitor is 1366x768)


Here's my gpu idea build thing;



And the apu idea build thing;



Which one is better?

They both have similar cpus, both 4cores at 3.7-3.8ghz

The dedicated gpu would beat the apu, but i could easily crossfire (7750?) it down the line (as i would have the spare power and pci slot)


I don't know. This is my first build if anyone could suggest a better rig for £450 that'd be awesome.


Any response or conclusion as to what i should chose would be great.


A GPU that is a HD7770 or better is a much better option to an APU.  The first build you posted with the Athlon and R9 270 is a much better option.

I would reccomend this