APU PC faills to get signal to screen

need help my frinds pc were trying to build is a apu build A8-6600k but it dosent give me any signal to computer screen tried swapping out ramsticks but that didnt work and my 660 didnt work and i have been up late trying to find out what it is now i need help

If you can give us a full list of your components we might be able to point out if there are any compatibility issues. The more specific the better. We need to know psu, motherboard and ram detailed specs especially.


Please check your power connectors are all hooked up properly. You should also try (if possible) to plug a different monitor/use a different cable to troubleshoot if one of those is faulty.

Do you get any beep errors and does the system power on at all? If it doesn't power on you might have forgotten to flip the switch on the back of your PSU or the one at the wall. 

Unfortunately I can't get any more specific without more info. Best of luck! 

no beeps the system powers on like my system and tried my monitor that i know works and it didnt work i got a vengance 4 x 2 ram 1600mhz gigabyte ga-f2a88x-d3h corsair CX 500m the system powers on like my system 

Did you try a different cable/port as well?


Alrighty, well those parts should be compatible. Try putting the ram sticks in the other pair of slots. If that doesn't work try reseating the APU in the socket again.

If neither of those things work it could mean a faulty part, possibly the motherboard. Alternately it could be a dud PSU. If possible try testing with different PSU to see if that is the issue.