APU Help (AMD A-10 6800k)

Hey guys I am a noob at building computers and I bought the AMD A-10 6800k I am thinking about using Ubuntu. So I have two questions:

1. Will the A-10 6800k run fine on ubuntu

2. Do the graphics in the apu automatically run you dont need certain drivers other then the catalyst right and if you do need other drivers to get graphics working which ones?

If you can help thanks you.

I had an A8 5600K running in ubuntu perfectly fine, I don't see a reason why the 6800k wouldn't. Just make sure you update everything in the update manager, and then go into settings > additional drivers and make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.

Ok thanks for the quick reply because I was supposed to get windows but didnt work out that way lol so I am going to use Ubuntu which I have never used. Do I update the drivers from the amd website?

I'd take a look at thisĀ http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Linux%20x86_64

Ok thats what I thought I was just making sure graphics will instantly work because someone told me that you need to install some driver to get them to work so thanks :)