Apple WWDC

I watched it. I do that every year.

It was pretty non eventist. All the traps kids with AR. Then reel them back with app controls.

I liked the gnome dark theme because I need dark theme now. Windows dark theme sucks ass.

Phone wise the Do not disturb for 1 hour or until I move location was nice.

Otherwise it was AR, emoji and kids gimmicks…Apple make all the money and this is it ?

The thunderbolt external GPU was shots fired at Adobe cause they listed Da Vinci.

How Adobe made there toxic software perform better with an iGPU is amazing considering there dont use the GPU at all.

What the fuck is apple up to at WWDC!? Maybe I should, uh, pay attention.

The kids have a lego set then the creative is to AR through a phone or device.

As a kid I had action figures and D&D rules books from the news agent…My imaginations where so far and above saving a lego building with a loot box fire truck and helicopter mum and dad bought me.

The sell to kids stick was dirty. Parents buy off your kids with AR leggos

I feel you missed the joke.

WWDC has never been all that interesting to me. Its just one giant edick competition with apple style and apple engineering.

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Im do that…Im not smart :slight_smile:


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I thought the WWDC was really dumb.

There were about 5 minutes of work flow improvements (which I actually REALLY appreciate), and 60 minutes of utter shit.

Like FFS apple. Please. For the love of christ and all that is holy, can we please get some decent windows snapping and have a intelihide option for the dock. This click and hold the green button shit is bad and you should feel bad.

Also fuck the apple watch. The only people I know with an apple watch are women over the age of 40 who refer to their alcoholic friends as “girl friends” and need a shiny new toy to make themselves feel superior in the group (aka, cunts) OR the few random Apple fan boys who need an apple everything.

Heres a note to Apple.

Dear Apple,

You will never make the watch cool again. Watches are already cool to a unique group of people. They have a certain amount of elegance and class. Some people even need watches for certain activities. But your piece of shit micro tablet will never inspire the average joe to wear a watch. You mistakenly listened to some 20 year old marketing dingus who said that sensor technology was all the rage and now youre fucked. Cut your losses and spend your time on shit that matters like bringing back USB ports and audio jacks. Because this BS of making more health shit and having this old hag on a bicycle machine in the middle of a conference is cringey and sad.

Here is a suggestion. I hear a lot of people are looking for a small compact desktop solution these days. You know, something for web surfing, or even as a small home server. OH would you look at that, you have the perfect solution called the mac mini. Maybe you could give it a fucking update sometime before the human race dies out and we could give you some money in return? I think thats how this game works? You listen to the customer and then we buy shit? IDK I am not a marketing cunt…I mean guy…no I was right; cunt, so I might be wrong.

Linux user here, how does the click and hold green button work?

I personally have never really liked the idea of window snapping at all, so I would be curious what you find appealing about it.
Personally, if I wanted more rigid window control, I would switch to a tiling window manager/compositor like Sway, but I like being able to control and overlap my windows too much.

So I am sure you have seen the maximize minimize and close buttons on the mac program windows. The green, yellow, and red buttons respectively.

If you click and hold down the green button for a couple seconds you will get a hidden option to snap the windows to the left side of the screen, and then you could snap another window to the left for a split view. This is a super clunky way to do things.

As for why windows snapping is important. It basically makes a massive difference in multi tasking. Lets say for arguments sake that you were doing web development. You could have multiple files that you are editing and you would want to have a web browser up at the same time. With window snapping you could be reading and comparing 2 files and be looking at a web browser all at the same time whilst managing your screen real estate in an efficient way.

Oh wait nvm. I didn’t see that this was yet another WM pitch. I seriously don’t know how WM people stay sane. 2 hours into i3 and I never wanted to touch another computer or have human contact ever again.

Huh, usually I overlap my windows slightly when I do something like that. That’s part of the reason why I don’t use a tiling window manager or window snapping myself.

At the very least, I usually overlap the two window-frames to save some additional space, but something like window snapping prevents me from doing that. Usually I also overlap some of the empty space in the webpage or the application’s UI as well.

If you didn’t know what a tiling window manager looks like, the Sway site has a video; that’s why I linked it, not as some sort of advertisement.

Use Spectacle. It would be great if it were built into the OS, but it’s as close to i3 on macOS as you can get.

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@Tjj226_Angel was saying that he/she specifically hated i3, so…

Unless, @Tjj226_Angel, you did like the shortcuts, but not the mandatory tiling-ness. What would be your ideal window snapping system?

As much as I like gnome, KDE actually has the best window snap system. Its simple, intuitive, and it just bloody works.

I use magnet on OSX, but it can sometimes get pretty laggy when I am taxing the system. Theres also better touch tool, but that program is super bulky and I would never use most of its extra features.

Yay dark mode and … that’s it.

Also watch 1:22. I have an idea what the new macbook Air is gonna be called.