Apple WWDC 2020

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Oh, is this happening today?

opens stream

literally the first words I hear

Racial Justice initiative

I thought this was a developer conference


Yes, all online

Did they just do a ridiculous seamless transition…

Welp, I’ll keep this one up in the background, hopefully it’s not too painful.

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I’m hoping for some nice changes to the OS

So, widgets are a thing now.

Looks like PiP as well.

Welcome to 2013, Apple.


Only thing I want out of this is ARM Mac.


hiding apps. People have been asking for that since the home screen has been a thing.

Fucking finally.


I like how google instanced that, then put it behind a paywall :smiley:

intelligent app organisation/categories and search…? via ‘App Library’

New actually useful widget interface


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I hope so

smart stack wide that can automatically change depending on time of day/need… interesting

PiP as well

resizable and movable, and hideable

Hmmm, we’ll have to see about he smart stack stuff. I wonder if it’s actually helpful.

Yeah, depends how smart it is, I wonder if its configurable

Id love some shortcuts updates

Oh, if they’re making Siri not take up the full screen…

Phone screen too? hope so

audio keeps playing off screen with PiP.

Youtube won’t like this.

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It will be blocked on YouTube without premium

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