App Idea: FolloRec

So I had to recover data with PhotoRec yesterday and now I have to sort it. There is a blob of code that I found that takes all the data that PR has found and sorts it into folders of those file types. Now for me I want to only get the user files back. So ODT, TXT, MOV, MKV, the stuff I care about. But someone else might want only their C files and not care about the rest. I assume that a lot of basic desktop users have had this issue before.

So, what if there was an app that took that blob of code and ran it, then when all the shit was sorted you could then select what filetypes to keep and what to delete in a basic UI? Maybe later even have stuff for sorting images that are alike sizes (Icons VS pictures VS wallpapers etc) or search ALL ODT files for certain terms like I wrote a term paper proving Tiresias was a real person but I have 80 ODT files. I search ‘Tiresias’ and bam theres the 3 papers, a prewrite the prefinal and the final.

I might actually make this app. Of all the ideas I have had this is the one I actually would use a lot I think.