APC UPS battery replacement problem

I’m trying to replace the battery in my mom’s APC BN4001 UPS, but the red wire that connects to the battery won’t come out (the black wire came out just fine). Would using a pair of needle nose pliers be a good next step or should I try something else? Should I just look for a replacement UPS? I’ve never had a problem swapping batteries in the past, but this thing will not budge.

I’d ask APC but their support is M-F.

Just grab the positive (red) terminal with a pair of pliers and wiggle it side to side while pulling the wire off. There isn’t any locking mechanism or catch.

EDIT (Option 2): I just looked up the power rating on that model (450VA. 257W output) and if you haven’t already bought the replacement battery, you may consider a slightly bigger model, depending on use case. This model provides 2 minutes of 257W max. There are a number of resellers of refurbished UPS’s that include new batteries for up to half price.

The pliers worked, thanks!

Unfortunately, the replacement was already ordered. I would’ve advised she get a different model but she grabbed what stood out most at Best Buy some years ago and doesn’t want to change anything.

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Honestly, the fact that she ordered a replacement battery instead of a new UPS is refreshing to see, regardless of the model it is. Many people don’t give it that much thought in today’s “disposable economy.” Of course, she may have had guidance from you I suppose. :wink:

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