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Want to know all about the Kaby Lake CPUS that work in these boards?
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What's all this about USB3.0, USB3.1, USB3.1 gen2?
Video: Z270 USB: USB3.0, USB3.1 and USB3.1 Gen2. What does it mean?

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@wendell I'm not sure what's worse.. laughing at your jokes.. knowing the references of you jokes... or waiting for something I know the reference to from your jokes that I get.. shakes head

The one I've been waiting on the most is when you mention I/O, to hear something like "I/O, I/O where things I connect will go." Yes, I apologize, but from watching your videos, it's only a matter of time smirk

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That was an a perfect overview.

Honestly I love that they simplified the UEFI. Didn't expect that from the Aorus brand - looks it feels very different from Gigabyte Boards I've worked with.

Definitely want to subscribe to this and find out of the USB 3 headers are really 3.1.

I'm only one motherboard video deep but right now this board seems perfect for me.

I didn't understand the joke in this intro. but hey I enjoyed some of the funny stuff in the others. Keep doing what you are doing at the beginning of videos as it is great but don't be apologetic about your jokes. As for Kaby Lake it isn't something I will upgrading to from my i5 2500K. I am more anxious to see what AMD has next for us and I think many others are too including the Level 1 Tech team.
As for the motherboard manufacturer here, Gigabyte, if I was buying something new I'd be going with this or another model of their's. They have never done wrong by me. : )