Anything you would change on my build?

Hello, I am interested in building a mid range PC for mostly productivity tasks and some gaming.  I really need a computer that can support extreme multitasking, as well as rendering and video ediding.  I usually have a ton of stuff open, sometimes it can even get excessive.  Right now I have 233 chrome tabs open, as well as about 25 programs.  I do a lot of things, mostly extreme web browsing, video editing/rendering, 3d modeling, audio editing, programming/compiling, typing papers, and managing servers.  I use Sony Vegas to edit and render video.  


I would like to keep this build around $800 USD, but I am flexible on the price.  I want to get new perhiperals, but i'll probably find the best deal on them somewhere, such as Ebay or Craigslist, and wait for a good mechanical keybaord to go on sale, I also don't absolutely need new ones, so I'll probably just wait, so you don't have to worry about them.  I already have an OS, and I definitly will overclock as much as I can.  


i have put together a build based on personal expierence, online reviews, and reccomendations, and I was wondering if any of you would get anything different if you were building this to suit my needs.

I researched most of the parts, but I could do a little more on a motherbaord.  I already have a hard drive lying around, so I won't need a new one right now.  I figured I should get 16gb of ram, since I have 8 right now and it is usually full and relying on the SWAP.  As far as the graphics card, the Sapphire 7870 GHz Edition seems like a godo deal, I will use it for rendering in Sony Vegas, as well as gaming.  I don't game that much currently, due to the limitations of my current system.  I really only play Minecraft, TF2, and sometimes games like Planetside 2, but I would like to get more into gaming once I get this system.  



Thanks for your considerations and help, and hopefully this helpful community will continue to grow.

Few thing I would change.

intel asus boards are better for audio processing ~ lower dpc latency. AM3 boards are painful for trying to record with.


Certain asus board have better audio. not all of them have the advanced stuff.

Its not the onboard audio functionality im talking about, its to do with the process calling of audio withing the kernel. Boards with high DPC latency are near on impossible to do decent audio recording on.


I changed the power suppy and MOBO to the ones PumkinsMurder's build had, I kept the 8350 because I would rather have a better CPU with more cores for multitasking.  


Although I do edit some audio, I am not a huge audiophile that needs the absolute best sound quality, my current AMD system is fine for what I need.  

What is "extreme web browsing"?

Browsing with like 300 tabs open.  

233 Tabs in 1 Window or more? 

More, about 5.  If you get too many in one windows they go off the screen and I have to resize the window across both of my monitors to click on different tabs.