Anything in 60hz looks AWFUL in my monitor, why is that?

This is a recurrent problem that i mostly chose to ignore, but i think its worth asking about it.
My monitor is an AOC Agon AG322FCX, i only ever used it in 144hz mode, but recently i’ve been trying some older games (specifically “The Saboteur” this week) that don’t support higher refresh rates or windowed mode, and have to change the system’s resolution in order to work right.
When the system resolution is changed down to say, [email protected], the textures on the screen look washed out, motion doesn’t quite work as well, i think the correct term for what happens is “overshooting”, from what i’ve read.
Maybe its a setting i’m missing, or something like that, maybe its a characteristic of the panel?
Its not like it just happens in games either, if i set 60hz system wide, i can clearly see it overshooting pixels even when scrolling or dragging explorer windows on the desktop, or showing a dither-esque pattern in darker elements, its quite maddening.

Nevermind, i’m dumb.
I never noticed my monitor has a profile for each resolution its compatible with, and besides [email protected], it has an “Overdrive” setting permanently on max on all the other profiles.
Turning it off or setting it to low fixed the issue, tested both in-game and with Blur Busters.


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