Anyone want to test my engine?

As of right now its all Java implementing LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library) to run OpenGL (its alot cleaner than raw java usage). I restarted this morning and have only gotten really about 1-2k lines in. As of right now I've written nearly all of the base, especially considering it is 2D. (I plan on working on 3D Later on (per say march or so)) I do have few utility packages in there that I wrote myself, screen shots and simple class layout for usage of begginners. Of course I'm always open to allow anyone to use my work, it is open sourced from the start so I'll let you guys in if you want just tell me.



What kind of tests do you want people to do? 

I know a guy that knows java for games

Really anything you want. I've been working on stability tho if you know jack about java you can crash it easily. So I'm going through and making sure everything works as hoped, Sprite managers Lighting and such that I've created. It'll be about til friday that I'll be done making sure myself but I just want people to tell me how it feels. As of right now its just a library essentially because I hate having to manage windows but I will get around to that after awhile. Its really just there to execute right now and to make life super easy when working on the game.

I'm up for the test. :P

Any chance this will be written to work with Android? Anyway, have you checked out Slick2D? Kev Glass that created it from the start has stepped down and the lib is developed by the Slick community, what I want to say with this is that there might be some code you can use from that lib as it is Open Source. Great lib that I've done some work with in the past :)