Anyone want a razer lachesis for $40?

hey guys :D
i just recently bought a razer mamba and i was just wondering if anyone would want to buy my old razer lachesis :D if you want i can get a picture on here of it for anyone interested. Its still in good condition,works fine and i have the disk with the driver for it also. I'll sell it for $40 if anybody is interested.

Can I get a picture? Are you local? And would you pay for shipping or would that fall under our needs? Hope to hear back. Also when did you buy your Lachesis? Is it still under warranty? :O

theres a picture of it. sorry it looks kinda bad :( i dont have a digital camera so i had to use my phone lol. I can pay for the shipping. i bought new on amazon like 6 months ago. I'm pretty sure its not under a warrenty though.

So how much has it been used for? What do you use it for? Is that mouse currently on a mousepad? How are the feet? IS IT CLEAN OF ANY DIRTY MATERIALS WHICH MAY HAVE GOTTEN ON IT FROM DOING "STUFF" online? :O If so, I'd be willing to buy it within the next few weeks. The red clashes with my set up but still :/ If not I can buy it and give it as a gift for my friend.

basically i just used for the 6 months i had it as a gaming mouse and for doing whatever else on the computer. but yeah its on a mousepad i've got it on the razer goliathus ^__^ and yeah its clean. the cable is 7 feet long.