Anyone Using Peltier Modules for Cooling?

Question says it all,  Anyone Using Peltier Modules for Cooling?

I have never done it but there are many threads on it here on the forums..

Saw a few threads talking about it, and someone waiting on a module, but could find anything other than theory and opinion.....will dig a little further! 

Last time this came up I went searching and found this site. My thoughts were to use it to cool a rad on a closed loop like a H80i.

No, but I thought about it.  I wanna put one on my HSF, but I'm not really sure how to do it.  I haven't taken the time to research it.

Try ed it and it works good if you want to do some extreme OCing. But for normal use and basic OC's theirs no point, just grab a good air or water cooler. If you want to try it you can find the modules in those 12v car coolers. And be sure to get the polarity right or you will cook the CPU.