Anyone using a g4400 with Linux? How's performance?

Title. Integrated GPU performance? Overall speed? I’m more interested in Fedora, but yeah. Might buy for budget 24/7 pc.

Hey, I am using the G4400 with Linux. To be a little more specific, I am running a headless Ubuntu 16.04LTS server on it. Performance doesn’t really differ from what you’d expect it to be under Windows. I can’t say anything about iGPU since the host is headless. If you are doing light work, i.e Thunderbird, web browsing, word processing etc. this might just be the CPU for you. I think even some light gaming or image editing will be very possible!

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I’d second what @Bayden said - although I’m running a headless 16.04LTS g4600 Pentium + 16GB RAM as my Ubiquity nvr.

Right now though, it is not headless and I have lightdm up with Chrome showing the live-stream from the cameras.

Just running Chrome though, eats a fair bit of CPU considering hardware acceleration doesn’t work in Linux (accelerated_video_decode is disabled).

It should be fine for very basic tasks though.

Off topic but…
Just going to drop this here, if you’re interested

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Phronix did full review of it
For a good laugh you can see my G4400 thread:

I thought it looked like a cool cpu and skylakes iGPU was a huge jump over hasewell.

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It’s really hard to make any recommendations based on a few sentences, especially without any context of the goal of the build. It isn’t a bad CPU for the low end. It’s a shame the Hyperthreaded ones got the prices jacked up.

Anyone know the timeframe for the rollout of the next Intel processors? I think it’s just a few months out. If it can wait, I would definitely save up and grab one of those. If they have something like an upgraded version of the G4560 for ~$60 then that’s going to be a steal, as well as something that sells out fast. I was pretty happy grabbing my G1850 the day it came out for $44. It isn’t anything special, but it keeps me happy and it was dirt cheap.

Cheers mate!