Anyone used the Supermicro M12SWA-TF board? Building a new GPU focused workstation

The M12SWA-TF seems like a very promising board for Threadripper pro, but there seems to be hardly any reviews or real world experiences documented. Has anyone here used one?

I’ve only ever had positive experiences with Supermicro motherboards in the past, but haven’t tried any of their workstation line up.

I’m building a new GPU (render focused) workstation and having tough time deciding between this and the Asus WRX80 option, among other choices.

Availability for the board also seems to be difficult or really random. For some reason Chinese suppliers have lots of stock though.

Added a photo because I like how it looks :grinning:

Can’t answer the actual question, but I had an X10SRA-F-O back when Haswell launched and it was 100% as stable as the rest of their server boards, even with an engineering sample E5-2676v3 / QFRN. I kinda regret getting rid of that system now haha.

Thanks for your input.

Interestingly, the local distributor says they sold out of the Supermicro board. People are definitely buying them, even in Aus.

Did you end up buying this MOBO?

Apologies for the very late reply. I ended up with a 12900K and some Asus gamer-junk motherboard (ROG Maximus Z690 Formula). Their water block had mixed metals contacting internally. I had to tear it all apart.

Bummer… we ended up buying the SuperMicro MOBO and it’s really quite spectacular!

Any chance you got the (mysterious) SNK-P3045A4 AIO liquid cooler to go with the board?

No… just the typical Noctua.

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How’s the M12SWA-TF working out for you? Which board rev did you get?

Can you over clock on the supermicro motherboard?

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