Anyone try Delidding?

So I have really come to enjoy overclocking. However on my budget systems I can't justify watercooling for 2 reasons.
1: I don't see watercooling being needed on 14nm and 5nm cpu's which seem to be the future.
2: Buying a 100 dollar watercooling setup for a 90 dollar cpu just seems wrong.

I am thinking of trying it first on my 7850k.
Reasons: It's the cheapest cpu in the house. I have already OC'ed the iGPU to 900 mhz. It went to 960mhz no problem BUT the framrate dropped. I think the extra heat from the igpu may be causeing the cpu to throttle, reducing framrates.

If succesfull I would like to delid my kids 7870. I am really curious how OC'ing the iGPU will affect framerates on a dual graphics system.

can be usefull
make Sure the cpu is adhered together and not welded in any way
use thin blades like razors or exacto knife
always be EXTEREMELE THIN in depth
watch video or find photos of YOUR cpu deconstructed to get an idea IF there are any transistors or things to watch out bumpping into
hyper212evo is 25 $ great cooler

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Already saw one pic where someone took out a transistor...ouch

212evo all set:)

NOt sure about the newer APUs but traditionally AMD CPUs ate soldered togethered and no deliddable. Take a look around first, easy on Intel but no so much on AMD.

They are delid-able
however it takes a lot of careful work and a heatgun

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When I had my 4970k I was able to delid it using a vice and some gentle force on several of the sides. It came off clean and I didn't have any issues with it.

I replaced the stock thermal paste with some Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra and replaced my cooler and case fans with Notcua everything.

I don't have the numbers written down anymore, but I remember having a significant improvement over using just a basic Corsair H100i liquid cooler when idle and under load, but since a ton of variables changed all at once, I can't really attest to how great deliding the cpu was compared to doubling the amount of case fans I had previously as well.

I've since moved over an i7 6850k and decided not to delid it, and I've been having great cooling performance just using Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra again for just the outside of the cpu.


Thanks Guys.
Saw something about how the 7870 can be delided maybe it is different then the 7850.

I just checke out @Cavemanthe0ne link on the 8320 with the guy, the fire and using a wraith cooler to keep the gold pins from melting. I thought" Maybe I'll look in the garage for my old X3" My hand would start shaking while slicing into a 500+ dollar cpu:)
Saw this:

I don't think delidding is worth the trouble. Also, the risk of damaging the cpu high. Just throw in a Hyper 212 EVO and call it a day.

Delidding is definitely not worth it. one cause you are risking breaking a $200+ or even a 400+ CPU just to save like 5 or 6 Degrees on the core temps if you want lower temps get a better cooler.


You may not think well of LTT but the numbers do not lie - it's not worth the risk:

I actually like LTT, just hated the forum .
Delidding an i7 6700 is nuts.
However Just trying it on a secondary or tertiary build might be kinda fun:)

Yeah for the fun, i am with you. But for actual benefit - no.

Well, I understand them - de-lidding a 10 yo CPU does not get you views.

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I remember seeing a guy ask about over-clocking in one of the Linux forums. He was flamed badly:)

Probably the wrong spot to ask - somewhat - but not realy a reason for getting flamed :/

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Some links I found, obviously I have a LOT of reading before attempting:

Delidding Phenom's tutorial

And believe it or not someone actually lapped a cpu/stock cooler!
Must have taken ALL DAY!!!
Still a cool read with pretty pics, guy got a 9 degree drop.°c.2300800/


Sooo Shiny 0.o

I delidded mine using a ultra thin, cheap ass, double edged razor blade… IHS won’t be returned… I’d sooner attach the waterblock directly on to the die… Like what’s the worst that can happen? :joy: :joy: :joy:

The way I see it. Just because someone tells you, “you shouldn’t”, doesn’t mean that’s the ‘be all, end all’ to a solution…

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