Anyone Stream to Twitch much?

Hi all - thought I’d fire this up as I’ve started to get back into streaming. My main ‘gaming’ rig is a

  • i7 6850K 6-core jobbie
  • Asus Sabretooth TUF X99
  • 32GB Corsair Dominator Plats running at 3000MT/s
  • Zotac Founders Ed. GTX1080
  • Acer Predator X34 @ 100Hz GSync.
  • Schiit Magni 2 Uber
  • Schiit Modi Multibit DAC
  • Headphones: Grado Rs1e (for my audiophile lovin…)
  • Antlion ModMic 5
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 USB audio input
  • Audio Technica AT2020 XLR mic (voice overs).

This is the Schiit stack that I’m running -


How do I stream though? Glad you asked - OBS pushes the stream to ‘another’ box; this used to be a 6700K / Maximum Formula VIII Z170 system (which has been packed up since, need to sell it) - but now, the stream is pushed to my Threadripper desktop.

This box is running Docker and a plethora of containers, one of which is a build of Nginx with the RTMP module loaded. All of this is simply done via the

  • Dockerfile // has the meat of the config
  • docker-compose.yml // makes spawning the container a breeze
  • Makefile // make spawning, clean up super simple.

The container also uses ffmpeg and persists the inbound stream to disk at the source resolution/bitrate. So if I pump in a 2K stream at 60,000 Kbps, it will eat IO/disk like a champ. However, I found OBS has a tendency of dying with a 60000 Kbps stream; right now I’ve managed it to handle 10,000 Kbps.

The container then (via ffmpeg) transcodes the stream in realtime, to 720p to 2000 Kbps and pushes this out to Twitch.

I can concurrently push to YouTube and any other service simultaneously, but the trouble is my 100Mbit fibre ironically isn’t great at pushing 2x 2000 Kbps streams. I used to push to YouTube & Twitch, but right now - I’ve tailored it to do Twitch only.

So… anyone else here Stream much? If you like, add me on Twitch and Discord -

CC @SgtAwesomesauce thought you might find the Docker stuff mildly irritating or interesting :wink:

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Edit your link, it should be like this -
right now yours is just redirecting to my dashboard.

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Thanks mate!

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I’m actually not against docker for non-production/short running solutions.

Would you mind sharing the docker configs? I’m quite interested in it since a couple friends and I are due to start streaming together in the next few weeks.

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Certainly mate, I’ll throw this up on Github :wink:

Yeah, Docker as a tool definitely (like all tools) has its pros/cons and pain-points. For some stuff though, it is excellent. I’ve yet to reply to your PM… I will get to it I swear!!

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Here you go… let me know how you get on with this…!

I don’t do twitch… currently streaming to YouTube my pathetic driving prowess. Ryzen 7 @ 3.9GHZ using OBS.

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You just need to change the push-url in the config to push to other services, also supports simultaneously pushing to multiple services.

Here’s an example, assuming you’ve exported these env vars -

    application liveout {
      live on;
      record off;

      push $TWITCH_PUSH_URI;
      push $YOUTUBE_PUSH_URI;

Only limits are the horses on your RTMP box/vm and upload-bandwidth.

I’m super lazy, using Windows 10. I thought about tryin multiples but right now it works so I ain’t touchin it.

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