Anyone regret moving from ESXi to Proxmox?

I currently run ESXi, and I’m thinking of moving to Proxmox. Has anyone made the jump and regretted it or missed any features?

PVE was a bit of an unstable mess for me at first. I later found out that I got (un)lucky and had a machine with a duplicate MAC address.

One issue for me is that I use USB network adapters (AX88719 chipsets) because my machines don’t have any PCIe slots, so if you use the USB network fling for ESXi, Proxmox’s kernel doesn’t seem to have the ax88179_178a or usbnet modules compiled in, so either install the stock Debian kernel or prepare to build a “stub domain” in Xen parlance.

I’ve jumped to stock RHEL now though for that livepatch support.

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