Anyone preordering Battlefield Bad Company 2?

So EA has made it so if you preorder BFBC2 you will get a limited edition of the game. With it will come Improved Vehicle Armor, Vehicle Alternate Fire, Vehicle Motion Sensor, Tracer Dart Pistol, M1A1 Submachine Gun, M1911 Pistol and if order at gamestop you get AKS-74 assault rifle. If you do not get limited edition the bonuses will not be available first day and you will have to earn them.

Is anyone gonna preorder it? I think I will for several reasons. 1) It is limited edition with all of the bonuses above. 2) First Battlefield game for PC in a while. 3) DICE isnt shitting on us like another company who doesnt care about PC gamers anymore ::coughINFINITYWARDcough::

Limited Edition Unlocks Trailer
Gamestop BFBC2 preorder/info

Im still waiting for Battlefield 3 .. Wont even look at those crappy games in between

I will. but maybe not preorder, just pick it up in stores on like the day it comes out,.