Anyone play Elder Scrolls Online?

Played WoW for 10 years and I'm done with that. Anyone playing ESO? Is it any good?

Gold edition is on sale atm for 30 bucks.

I'm an ex-WoW player that played through Vanilla, TBC and WOTLK. I've not found an MMO to replace WoW as of yet, and ESO is rather dissapointing in my opinion. The combat is dull, the graphics whilst looking decent, doesn't make up for the bland design of the outfits within the game.

Also, the game's performance is quite poo. Back during the beta i hit 70fps+ with an AMD Phenom II 965 + R9 270x. With my current i7 4790k + RX 480 8GB, i have to lower some settings to get a constant 60+fps. The only redeeming thing in the game in my opinion, is it's pvp. It's quite fun, but that's pretty much it.

Oh, and if you're interested in burning cash, they've just added homesteads you can buy, either from saving up the monthly crowns you get for subscribing, or just outright buying them for cash.


That's a shame. I love the MMO aspect even though I haven't really had a 'community' to play with since MoP when I made some really good WoW friends and we played -all- the time. I'm just tedious about getting into a new MMO without any knowledge, and without a community really. The game is going to have to be -really- good to keep me interested and that sounds like it may not be it.

Thanks for your input.

I tried once again to get back into WOW recently and just wasted $50+ in monthly fees and never touched the game. LOL! Also during the Xmas season I said to have ESO for Xbox One and have I played it since? No. :S I think there is a realization / built in fear in me that I will get addicted again to an mmorpg and give myself no chance at life. I know also I am a poor player so if I raid which I always want to do it takes me way longer to clear the content I want then others and that means way too much raiding for a week. I am surprised though I haven't touched ESO because I played Defiance enough on console without getting addicted to it to the point where I was staying up all night to play it. I look forward to playing ESO in the future honestly and what I played of it when it was in beta or something I enjoyed. Also with them bringing this in 2017...

it is definitely a time to get caught up and then enjoy Morrowind!

Also facts are this game is hardly expensive and has no monthly fee so buying it and trying it is hardly a dent in the wallet.

OP I recommend it.

Anyway happy gaming people.

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Whilst paying for the subscription is not exactly required to play, for an ex-WoW player the cost for it is moot.

Here is a list of what subscribing grants, OP.

Access to DLC game packs (you would otherwise have to purchase them)
Crowns to spend on the in-game store (1500 each month)
Access to Costume Dyeing at Dye Stations
Expanded crafting inventory
10% bonus to experience points gain
10% bonus to crafting inspiration gain
10% bonus to trait research time
10% bonus to gold acquisition
2x bonus to allowable furnishings and collectibles in player housing

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Sounds like a good deal. I gotta pick it up.