Anyone paired a 5800X3D with 4 sticks of RAM?

During the great CPU/GPU shortage of a year ago, I built the backbones of a killer workstation/gaming AM4 system. I used an ASUS Pro WS X570-ACE motherboard paired with 4x32GB of ECC DDR4-3200 RAM. Idea being I could run any game or VM setup I want for probably the next 5-10 years. I got a 3700X from a friend used for $200 as a place holder until I could get the CPU I wanted (I was coveting the 5950X at the time). Now it’s over a year later, I’ve swapped my 1060 for a 3060 Ti, and the 5800X3D came out and it absolutely dominates Microsoft Flight Sim, a game I enjoy on the regular. There’s just one catch, for reasons I don’t fully understand, the 5800X3D seems just a little limited in memory speed with 4 DIMMs. 4x1R lists 2933 as the max and 4x2R (my current setup) drops all the way to 2667. I know AMD lists 3200 as the max speed for most of the 5000 series and people are regularly pushing them to 3600 and beyond. With 96MB of cache do I even need to worry about the main memory speed?

If anyone has any experience or insight with this, I’d love to hear from you.

You won’t need to worry about memory speed with the 3D

But the cache isn’t ECC and since it will have a higher it rate I suppose that would mean that there’s a higher chance of an uncorrectable error

Or maybe not

Those speed limitations apply to all Ryzen chips, that’s just what amd guarantees
You should be fine

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Well my main memory is only un-buffered ECC, so it’s like mild ECC at best, not full server stuff. I turn my computer off everyday, so I’m not that worried about an uncorrectable error creeping in.

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for that cpu 3600 Mts @ cas latency 18, cas latency 16 or cas latency 14.
is pretty much the sweet spot for ryzen 5000 and 4 sticks of ram… (assuming your motherboards eufi allows it)
if it doesn’t then i would jump to the same ram timings but x2 higher capacity dims
like 2x16 or 2x32. rather than 4x8 or 4x16.

gaming wise, you wont lose anything other than max bandwidth.

That sounds awesome, but I’ve had very bad experiences in the past with memory speeds that weren’t an official JEDEC standard. I’ll stick with my 3200.

Wendell has a bummed 2400g and 2700, but I think they’ve mostly fixed the memory controller since

4 sticks are sort of “hard to drive” which is why there is a decreas in speed rating for 4 DIMMs.

The only way to know is to try and see if you memory controller can handle 4 DIMMs.

2 sticks will be safer.

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I ran a 3900X with 4x32GB of non-ECC DDR4-3200 CL16 in that exact same board for a year or two. I had to bump VDDG to solve an issue with random power-offs and trouble booting, but that was happening even with a 32GB kit. Other than that it was problem-free, so I don’t foresee the 5800X3D having a problem with it—especially since you’ll be at CL22, which should be a little easier on the IMC. Good luck!

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if you really want the most out of your ram you could tweak your timings.
and trust me, dont rely on jdec’s i was running them with my 2700 and every few months was having to repair windows.
eventually i found DRAM Calculator for Ryzen (v1.7.3) Download | TechPowerUp and was able to come up with timings that were both faster and more stable. after that i ran for about a year with no repairs to windows. and no random bsods for none paged area.

i went from cas 15 to cas 14 and gained maybe 5% in some games while windows just generally felt snappier to use.

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