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Anyone know what cable I should be using for USB Type B from KVM -> Lenovo docking station?

Hi everyone,

I’m setting up my home workstation and have a Lenovo Thinkpad T495 from work.

Any ideas on how I’d connect the new KVM from L1 to a Lenovo docking station? The latter doesn’t have a USB Type B input.

I think the port on the KVM is Type B, but I’m not sure what cable I should be using that acts as a splitter. I don’t know if a USB Type B -> USB Type A would transmit the USB Mouse, USB Keyboard, and USB Microphone all in one cable.

My intuition says that it should be able to, because you can just use a USB Type B -> USB Type B cable when using a mouse and keyboard, but I haven’t found any literature to support this.

Thank you!

I’ve tried to parse your question a few times and I’m Not sure I follow.

The docking station has one usb-b port (possible a usb3 variant with the extra top bit). Just get a normal usb cable. Plug
The b end into the dock and they A end will Connect to your pc.

Connect the KVMs usb b port to another usb cable (type 2 ,or 3 depending on speed). Plug the A end into any type A port on the KVM.

Will update with pictures if you need but you just need two normal usb cables, one from pc to dock, one from dock to KVM.

Note if the dock has usb-c then use that to connect to the t495 and you will get power delivery as well.

Sorry, I did a terrible job explaining that. I hope the below picture does a better job at asking the question. I think you answered it in your post, though.

Thanks for the photo.

So yes that is a usb3 type b port. You will need a usb3 cable (normal one) to connect to the docking station. It will carry all your signals.

Im a fan of cheap cables.

However we are reaching speeds where quality matter for a digital signal to work. Outside of audio cables and other analog cables. They never split only swap connectors 1 to 1.