Anyone know if theres an RX580 driver for OSX 10.11?

I’m moving over to my mac for a while because I am too stuck on games. Problem is I just dropped like 250 bucks on my 580 in april and it seems like a waste to not use it in my mac pro. The bigger problem is that Sierra and up have the native 580 drivers and I can only go to 10.11 (need SSE4.1 to do the new metal rendering engine).

All I want to do is throw it in and have it. If anyone knows if there is a driver or not let me know. I don’t mind just using my 370, I would just prefer my 580 :slight_smile:


I don’t think you’ll get a driver for this GPU in OSX 10.11 because the drivers for AMD GPU’s are built into the OS at a low level… You would want to upgrade to mac OSX 10.12

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Hmm… Dunno about that, but perhaps something along the lines of force loading newer kexts? You could try nabbing the Sierra kexts and modding the info.plist like you do for nvidia web drivers, maybe that’ll work.

Yeah maybe but then I need to mod the loading systems… Ech.

I’ll just call it good with what I get.


@FaunCB I’m assuming you have a Mac Pro tower?

If you do here’s the deal.

Open System Profiler and see what model your Mac is. Usually looks like MacProX,X where X is a digit from 1-9.

If your Mac is either 1,1 2,1 or 3,1 then the Mac OS it’ll support (with some slight modding) is 10.11.6(El Capitan).

If your Mac is MacPro4,1, then you can actually upgrade it’s firmware to the same one that the 5,1 uses. Reason you should do this is because 5,1 natively supported Sierra while 4,1(which is nearly identical) doesn’t.

If your Mac pro is 5,1 then it’ll support Sierra.

Thats… Why would I spend 2300 bucks on a trashcan and only keep it on 10.11

I know all of this I have a 1,1 modded to 2,1 and I know absolutely everything about the machine and I am learning more about the base architecture of osx as a whole.

I may be a linux user but I am far from a unix noob haha.

Then in that case you’ll be stuck to 10.11.6 at most. I’ve owned the 1,1 and Sierra just wouldn’t work on it. You might be able to sell the 1,1 + the 370 and use the money to buy a 4,1/5,1 and then you’ll be off to the races. the 4/5 macro is much more superior IMO

Yup, and it is not only software that you can pimp…
I bought a 4c/8t single CPU 2.66GHz Mac Pro 4,1 with 6GB 1066 ECC and spinning rust for a drive.
Now it is a 6c/12t 3.46GHz 5,1 with 24GB 1333 regECC, RX460, USB3, PCIe SSD and a RAID-Z1. :stuck_out_tongue:

Again, I am aware of all this. However selling it is not my intention and I don’t want to update, all I want is a fucking driver file.

As it turns out this is more possible than it would seem as 10.11 has the same over all driver system as 10.12, however the boot and loading procedures are not the same. I don’t believe a gold master of 10.11 ever came out so I’ll have to research into it.

I’d be interested to see where this leads you. Theoretically the hackintosh community might be able to shed some light on this, im sure many of them run RX5xx series cards with all sorts of systems.

All that I have gotten out of them is “Well but Sierra” so that hasn’t really done very much…

I have a feeling you’ll be stuck with the 370 at the end of the day, which still overall isnt a bad card for the machine. I personally prefer OSX 10.10/10.11 anyways, seems less buggy IMO. I believe the 580 would also work via bootcamp + Windows or Linux, but if youre after the OSX experience then that won’t do. Quick google search seems to suggest that no one has bothered backporting any polaris kexts to older versions of OSX

Maybe you can sell the 580 to the buttcoin folks for a ridiculous amount and use that to buy newer mac :^) jk

The 580 won’t work on 10.11. The Sierra drivers were written by Apple and are ABI incompatible with the 10.11 kernel and core frameworks.