Anyone know how to get this game working?

Hey guys,

I love playing the MMORPG Neverwinter. The problem is it is not native to Linux. Anyone know how to install it and run it in Linux? Anyone play it and want to group up?

Have you tried installing it through wine? or play-on-linux?
this ^ seems to indicate it has decent support for recent versions.

the problem is that it now uses the Arc launcher to install. Getting the Arc launcher to install is fine but after that, the game doesnt seem to download and install.

Try using 'Wine Helpers' like PlayOnLinux. If you dislike using POL try diagnose it by Running it under Terminal.

You'll probably need winetricks to help you install Dependencies ( e.g .Net Framework , DirectX , etc )

Depending on your hardware, virtual box or kvm may be an option.