Anyone Here Practice Poi or Glowstringing?

I've been stringing for almost 2 years, and was just wondering if anyone else here spins as well.

Just a wonder :P

Me stringing:


No, but my brother gloves.

been to a few raves... that shit always impresses me.... i can just hold the glowsticks and make some nifty visual effects... but stringing, no. lol

very cool though.

Thats sick mate!!!

I wish I could do that when I use to club (and im talking down and dirty undergound clubs!)

That's awesome!  I am (very slowly) learning staff, but I can't really coordinate poi terribly well.  Too much happening simultaneously for my minibrain to keep track of >.<

need to see this with fire... and metal!

I do use fire, as well. I haven't been able to get fire poi any time lately, though. Money is a bit tight right now. Although, when I get a pair of fire poi, ill make a video xD

That was nice. Well done but I think I have Bell's Palsy

xD! Lol

I used to glove and spin at the same time at a club here before it closed down a few years ago, shame, I liked that place.

YAY! *manly hug* Another spinner!

Damn, the Jedi force is strong within this sport


Ive tried that before. Fun fun  :)