Anyone here a fan of DCI?

anyone here a fan of Drum Corps International(DCI) or even heard of it? If you havent seen what it is here is 3min clip of one of my favoirte shows...its really amazing and if it doesn't impress you just little bit something might be wrong with you lol.

heres another one by the same group

I use to be in band . When I was in the marching band my favorite DCI group was the Blue Devils and Calivers 

I love me some Blue Devils :)

BOOOOO!!! lol just kidding.  I'm a Carolina Crown and Phantom Regiment fan myself...just saw all 22 world class corps perform in San Antonio, pretty cool that least a few people on here know about it.

Im not gonna lie crossman show was pretty cool ! Bass 2 on crossman was my bassline instucter for indoor percussion ! I use to be in drumline

Crossmans show this year was really good.  I played trumpet in highschool and a little in college.

Crown's show was amazing, such a deserved win. Just wish they had cleaned up their percussion a little bit, with me being a snare player and all it kinda bothered me.