Anyone having issues with Safari and OSx in general lately? (Found the fix?)

I currently only own my Macbook Pro circa 2009 and the last few days Safari has been acting up on me big time....

Getting hung up on websites that I usually didn't have an issue with, and not playing well with certain websites including this one. I had to open Google Chrome to log on this time right now and my photobucket is not working right in Safari to upload pics either.....

Curious if it's something with my computer or others having issues as well.....

FYI- I upgraded mine early this year with an SSD and new RAM maxed out so I'm pretty sure it's not an issue of old hard ware.


I went to upload the pics I needed to in Chrome now and it worked, and the computer is running very fast like it usually does in Chrome, but getting really hung up in Safari......

Actually, I noticed hanging up as well, not on trek trough. It happens relatively rarely on loading a website.
On Macbook 12" 2015

I'm running normal on Chrome which I hadn't used in at least two years lol but Safari is hanging up on me bad. On photobucket I would go upload pictures and my library wouldn't even show up in the pop up window where you select files to upload, did it on Chrome no issue.....

Very Strange

Yeah I have been having similar issues. I also have to clear my cookies on certain websites I have to log into. If not I get a redirect error

a friend of mine reported safari is hanging up on her frequently after a recent update as well i wonder what did they mess up now

I will just continue using Chrome for now until they sort stuff out

My computer has been getting really hot periodically since the updates and the fans blow loud and kills the battery doing nothing but surfing the web. Whatever this "update" was I'm not liking it lol.

First time since 2009 that I myself personally have had any Mac issues especially from an update.

I got a hold of an apple employee off "duty" if you will whom we both have a mutual friend in common but had never met. Explained to him what was going on since last update. Fans always on and draining battery FAST, MB Pro VERY hot almost all the time, issue with any programs that connected to the internet, safari, mail, etc.

He told me to re-install the last update and see if that works. "For me" it did not, actually got worse lol.

So then I tried his last resort solution:
1) Plug computer into charger
2) Shut down computer
3) While computer is off hold down Shift + Control + Option + and Power button all at the same time for about 3 seconds
4) You will see indicator light on charging cable flash different color (mine went green life when it's full but it wasn't charge)
5)Release all buttons after you see light change color
6) Turn computer back on again

I did this, took less than a minute because I have an SSD, and fans are off, programs seem to be working well, and even photo bucket was working properly.

He did not explain the why just told me only do this as last resort. So FYI, I am not responsible for anything that "may" happen to your computer if you screw it up lol.

I googled fans always on on macbook pro and found the same solution on a forum/blog post from bak in 2012 I believe it was. Seems this kind of thing has been happening for some time after certain "updates"

Proceed with caution

Because it clears the cache. Kind of like resetting the bios on PCs.

Well it did the trick for me its running like new again fan not on un-necessarily and all apps/programs functioning as they should

I think I will try this also. I have a MB pro 2014 and when I game or do any rendering I will get to 100c

Keep me posted on how it works for you. Like I said did the trick for me first day since the update I don't want to throw this thing in the garbage lol.