Anyone have issues with FiOS Gigabit Internet?

I recently changed from 50/50 to Gigabit and I’m no where in those speeds. Youtube will just buffer at times,web pages will load slowly, downloads say on Steam would only go as high as 180-250Mbps. Speed tests are all over some displaying 50ish to just under 300 switching to different servers. I use the Ethernet port in the ONT tried connecting directly to it and same thing happens. So I don’t believe my linksys wrt3200ac is a issue. Also Verizon speed test says I’m getting the speed from there network to my house.

I haven’t had any problems. I get about 950/950. Right now I’m connected through a VPN so its slower. I’m getting 518/194. Are you using Cat5e or better from your router? Could also be a temporary problem with the network in your area.

I’m connected from the ONT to my pfsense router. When I used the Quantum router, I had the same speeds.

It could be your modem can’t handle 1Gigabit speeds. I know for a fact of I up graded my internet, I would have to up grade my modem.

Can you try connecting a computer directly to the modem and testing the cables you are using?

you may have a few bad ones?

i have one that jitters and wont go over 500Mbps… in the wall… like a run… its annoying